Course Offerings for Spring 2019

There are several cross listed courses on the spring schedule that have openings for grad students, in case body centered EXAT students or MT students are interested. DAN 4460/5460-101 Somatics, (3 cr)-Adams, (TR 12:30-1:45) (every semester, either Adams or L. Atkins)*SSU 4580/5580-101 Gyrotonic, (2 cr), Adams, (TR 9:30-10:45) (spring only)*SSU 4480/5480-101 Pilates Apparatus, (2 cr), Adams/Quin (TR 11-12:15) (every semester, Adams, Atkins or Quin)*For these courses, the prefixes have changed from DAN to SSU (Somatic Sustainability), and the pre-reqs have been dropped.  We also have a DAN or SSU 5500 grad level independent study which could be added for an additional 1 credit, which can help a graduate student articulate the connections between the particular bodywork and the primary field of study.

Published: Oct 24, 2018 8:36am