Current Students

Expressive Arts Certificate Coordination

Please contact Dr. Caldwell for the following:

  1. Certificate students will work with Dr. Caldwell as their advisor
  2. Review of Expressive Arts Portfolios
  3. Advising for the REAT (Registered Expressive Arts Therapist) process
  4. Advising for Orchesis and Headwaters Journal

Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate Information and Application Procedures for Current Students

Orchesis Honor Society

Orchesis Honor Society was created in order to recognize and promote scholarly and creative activities within the field of expressive arts. The goals of the organization include providing a forum for exchange among graduate students of expressive arts, building an expressive arts community outside of the classroom, and hosting expressive arts gatherings, workshops, and open studio experiences. Orchesis is a Greek word meaning "a moving ensemble".

Orchesis Honor Society - Expressive Arts Honor Society

Requirements for induction to Orchesis:

  • completion of HPC 6360: Therapy and Expressive Arts
  • have and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA
  • present 3 expressive arts pieces (could be visual art, performance art, poetry, etc.) at the induction ceremony
  • $40 dues for Induction (Please make checks payable to Orchesis)

Facebook: Appalachian State Expressive Arts Therapy

Please visit the Orchesis Website for updates on workshops, weekly practice groups, and our annual events.

Headwaters: Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts Therapy

Headwaters is collectively edited by graduate students in expressive arts, who are also members of Orchesis Honor Society* at Appalachian State University. Affirming the importance of process over product, while also valuing quality, our intention is to assemble a collection of artistic work representing the depth and breadth of creative endeavors in the field of expressive arts at Appalachian. We invite submissions of original, unpublished work from students, faculty, and former students from all disciplines, as well as from members of the larger expressive arts community.


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