Orchesis Honor Society

Orchesis is an honor society at Appalachian State University for students who are interested in the therapeutic use of expressive arts.

Orchesis was created in order to recognize and promote scholarly and creative activities within the field of expressive arts. The goals of the organization include providing a forum for exchange among graduate students of expressive arts, building an expressive arts community outside of the classroom, and hosting expressive arts gatherings, workshops, and open studio experiences. Orchesis is a Greek word meaning "a moving ensemble".

Requirements for Induction in Orchesis

  • have and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA
  • present 1-3 expressive arts pieces (could be visual art, performance art, poetry, etc.) at the induction ceremony
  • $30 dues (Checks should be made out to Orchesis Honor Society)

*Inducted members have the ability to hold leadership positions (president, secretary, treasurer, community outreach leader, and publicity leader) once they have completed the course HPC 6360: Therapy and Expressive Arts.

Junior Members

First-semester students who do not have an established GPA may join Orchesis as a junior member. They will be inducted as full members upon meeting the requirements listed above.  Junior members are encouraged to join an Orchesis committee.

Orchesis Contact Information

Email: orchesis.appstate@gmail.com
Facebook: Appalachian State Expressive Arts Therapy

Orchesis Events and Journal


GLOW is an annual communal art gallery exhibition celebrated during the Fall and hosted by Orchesis. Expressive Art students, faculty, alumni and community are invited to submit up to 3 artworks (2D, 3D and/or written) for a $5 fee. The artworks are showcased at a specific location for a decided period of time. The purpose of GLOW is to honor and celebrate the power and gift of the arts within the Expressive Arts community. To inquire about submitting and about our next GLOW event, please email orchesis.appstate@gmail.com.

Headwaters: Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts Therapy

Headwaters is collectively edited by graduate students in expressive arts, who are also members of Orchesis Honor Society at Appalachian State University. Affirming the importance of process over product, while also valuing quality, our intention is to assemble a collection of artistic work representing the depth and breadth of creative endeavors in the field of expressive arts at Appalachian. We invite submissions of original, unpublished work from students, faculty, and former students from all disciplines, as well as from members of the larger expressive arts community. You can submit up to 3 artworks (visual and or written) for a fee of $10. To inquire about submitting or purchasing a copy of Headwaters, please email orchesis.appstate@gmail.com.


SHOW is an annual show based gathering, celebrated in Spring. SHOW focuses on the performance aspect of Expressive Arts where artists are invited to present their work in movement, music, reading of written works, and other artistic expression. This event focuses on honoring the performative arts through celebration and artistic exploration within the Expressive Arts community. To inquire about participation and about our next SHOW event, please email orchesis.appstate@gmail.com.